Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer Winds Down

After a crazy nomad summer, leaving Philadelphia, moving to Japan, and eating our way across the Gulf Coast, Summer has ended.  A few last beach days were super fun though.  As we all know, I LOVE the water, but even I have almost had enough.  If I have to apply sunscreen one more time I might sun scream!  This is a self skill we will have to work on next year.

My sweet girl Cecilia Claire will be entering middle school this year at Lester Middle School.  She is now 11 years old.  She is super excited about the policy of each student receiving a laptop.  Not so much about the 50 minute bus ride.

Okinawa Gonna Be's:  Yes I said 50 minute bus ride.  If you do not live in the Kadena / Foster general area, your kids will be riding the bus a good way to Middle School.  Each of those area has one.  Kadena services the Northern part of the Island, and Lester the Southern.  There are High Schools on Kadena and Foster.  Most bases have local elementary schools and this is very nice.

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