Thursday, September 5, 2013

AMC Flight

Where do you start to tell your Epic Asian Move story?  Let me tell you people, in the months leading up to my move I was extremely fired up at some points and I was crapping in my pants at others.  "I am moving to Asia," is a phrases I said and thought many times.  But I did it!  The girl who never planned to leave Louisiana.

So even though this adventure starts the day you find out that you have orders, my story starts on an AMC Flight.  The AMC flight is known in certain circles as punishment worse than death.  It is pretty bad.  But luckily my kids travel like champions.  Also, I am blessed to have some of the most wonderful people on the earth in my life.  Susan knew more than I did about my plight, and basically drove 5 out of ten hours in and around Seattle so that I could sleep for 5 good hours in a fresh bed.  And so my sweet girl could see her BFF from Kindergarden.  Just what we needed, as we were leaving good people, not sure if we would see them again.  You are a lifesaver!  And to my new friend, who shared her Ponies and Pokemon, cause I am not as seasoned a military wife as she,  THANK YOU.  April, I will repay you in Gymboree hand me downs, I promise!  

And after more hours of travel than a mother of three likes to count, and two crazy flights and layovers, we approached Okinawa.  As we flew in a cabin of exhausted silence, the sun settling over this tropical lush paradise created a picture my camera could never capture.  Partially because I do not have an LCD camera like most of my friends and partially because I had children sleeping on me.  I realized that I could do a Pacific Island for three years.  

Okinawa Gonna Be's:  

The AMC flight leaves early in the morning.  Do not arrive in Seattle the night prior to your flight.  You need a break. Plus you are obviously adventurous and will want to see the city.   Were I to do it again I would have arrived at least two days prior.  Trust me.  

When flying with children, I only considered things that would be handy and occupy them on the plane.  But this Journey is more than I plane ride.  Within limited space, you must pack things that will WOW them on the plane, in the airport, AND in the hotel for three weeks.  Choose carefully or it will cost you in the end.  

I hope you fly in at Sunset!  


Malesa said...

You have such a fabulous ways with words! I'm so glad that your blog is up and running so that I can follow along on all your crazy adventures.

alicia estes said...

And a new sitcom begins...