Monday, September 16, 2013

Blue Two!

The process of buying a car in Okinawa was very crazy.  I generally like to do some research, look around, and then call my Uncle Joey and have him pick one out and have it ready for pick-up.  He is good to me like that!  So imagine my surprise when Sherry took me to the lot and said pick one!  You can not test drive cars on used lots here.  And you would never buy new.  And you just really need to hurry up and get a car.  So you just pick one.  You can start it, and to some people that would be helpful, but not really to me.  I just made sure the air seemed to work.

We had planned to get a minivan, but after just being around a few days I knew that I needed something smaller, due to traffic and parking.  Also, this one had no bad blind spots.  Yes, I am old now and shop for these things.  So we are the proud owners of a Honda Mobilio.  She seats 7 in a pinch.  And when the kids saw this baby, they had to have her.  "She is just like Blueberry!"  Theresa Braud has had a minivan for years of this same color, and it is affectionately named Blueberry, and all the kids love it.

So now Blue Two lives.  She is not fancy, but when you maximum driving destination is about 80 miles and your maximum speed is about 40 mph, you don't need anything fancy!

Side note:  Even thought I went ahead with the color because i thought it would be easy to pick out in parking lots, our neighbor has the exact same car and we have accidentally gotten into it 3 times.

Okinawa Gonna Be's:  Think about what kind of car you want before you get here.  We bought one off a lot and one off a guy about to leave.  This is pretty standard.  Lot cars have a 1 year warranty, which is a plus.  We spent well under $10,000 for both cars.  But a minivan would have probably pushed us almost to that point.  Have some cash set aside.

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Very cute. I like.