Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting the Perfect First Day of School Picture!

In my mind, I had the perfect First Day of School pictures.  It would beat all the ones on Pintrest.  The kids would have Japanese fans with the "First Day of School" written very Asian-y across them, out on a rock jetty overlooking the Sea with some lush green vegetation all around.  DING DING DING...wake up call....Really, who has time for that on the first day of school?   (I don't think they really take those pictures on the first day of school.The lighting is never that good at 7:00 in the morning.)   I tried from the balcony, but the lighting was all wrong. It was 7:00 in the morning.  I tried from the parking lot, but it looked like a parking lot.  Jacob was so tired he would not stand still for a picture.  Then, when I looked back, driving in, I knew I had the perfect First Day of School Picture.  Bad lighting and all.

So then I was definitely going to buy the fan for Jill's First Day of School the next week.  It was her REAL first day of school anyway.  I had all week to get ready.  Run to the 100 yen store, find the perfect props, get the picture on the beach near her school... Bliss.  But this time I didn't even make it to preparing the fancy wipe board.  So my little miss is making a Big K in the Kitchen for the First Day of Kindergarten.  Good Luck Mrs. San Juan!

Okinawa Wanna Be's:

100 Yen Store is like a dollar store.

PCSing during summertime, aka PSC Season, is great if you want your kids to finish school.  But if you come over too late in the summer you may still be in the West Pac / Beach Condo until school starts.  They will tell you to start school in the temp housing's school district. Which will be a pain if you are actually going to live in another school district.  My kids were not going to school somewhere for 5 days and then switching.  Thank you, but no thanks.  I am in a beach condo, I will find a way to pass the time.  So I convinced the Gonna Be schools to let me register, and juggled and commuted them to 2 different schools for a week.  Had I not been allowed to do this, I would have registered them a week late.  I'm sure someone would have fussed at me, but people "I am just the dentist's wife."

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