Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Greet

In my never ending quest to raise civilized children, I visited the Sunplex Nursing Home with some other local moms for Halloween costume show off to the residents. My little pumpkin was definitely a hit. (No if I can just get her to keep the bow in her hair.) Cece hung crafts on doors.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Monday was a crazy day. In addition to all of the kids being sick, the pantry was empty. I wasn't sure what I would do until my sweet friend Brooke called to say that she was in town. Not only did she come to visit and save my sanity, but she also brought milk, bread and eggs. Plus she brought these yummy treats for the kids. You can see how much Jill is loving is loving it. Thanks Brooke!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Soccer Star

One thing we love about being close to home is getting to participate in little things like this. Before heading home on Sunday we went to Jax's soccer game. It was nice to see an old friend from High School, and to see a professional soccer coach in action. :)

Uga-ly Game

I had a great time at the LSU game on Saturday and hope that David enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a beautiful day. We even got to see Uga himself on the sideline.

Big Girl

Jill has upgraded to the big Girl chair. She is just loving sitting at the table with Cece and Jacob while they eat.

Pumpkin Heads

Cece loves pumpkin craft, and she loves her cousins, so it was a perfect day for her when her Nanny bought a pumpkin for each cousin to decorate. Jacob and Jill did not share her enthusiasm, but Jax and Maddox did. Cece can't wait to carve pumpkins with er Da Da next year.

Sweet Baby

Jill has always been such a sweet baby. The last few weeks have been rough for her though. She first ran a low-grade fever for 4 days and then had two different ear infections. She is now feeling the side effects of all the anti-biotics and teething. Here is one picture I was able to get of her getting some rest. I hope she feels better soon and gets back to her sweet self.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Playing Around

In this picture video the kids are just playing around the house. Jill is proving to be a little tiger lovers from an early age.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Folliage

Oh Princess Rodriguez of Fall Folliage......I am waiting and collecting for Fall Fest III, 2008! I just love these pumpkins for Jill to hold, if I can keep her from eating them.

Today is Monday in Mississippi

We enjoyed Julie's Almost -World Famous Red Bean Recipe this afternoon with Ashley and her adorable kids. Everyone knows that I love Johnette Downing, the Louisiana Children's Musician. I also love her song and book "Today is Monday in Louisiana." It includes the tradition of the Monday Meal. Excerpt: "Monday. Today is Monday. Monday red beans. All you hungry children, come and eat it up, come and eat it up." (And they did this afternoon.)
It is fun to have a navy-dentist-wife friend. When you are a navy dentist wife your husband can be working anywhere. He could be on a carrier, or with the Marines or Seabees, or at a huge or tiny base anywhere in the world. Then he could be somewhere totally different the next time. We are a group all our own, and I hope everyone is hanging on out there, especially on the long days. I also hope that everyone has a good friend to root them on.

St. Andrew's Park

We had a great play today at the St. Andrew's Park. It is a great Playground that some of the Ocean Springs Playgroup Moms frequent. It is nice and clean and has a nice walking path. I think we will be back soon.

Zoo Crew

*The kids and I had a wonderful time at the Audubon Zoo on Sunday. It is so beautiful now! We went with our Slidell friends, the Crowell's and my sister and her family, the Melancon's. Best memories of the day:

  • The Carousel went faster than the Train

  • Multiple Seal Viewings

  • Angie really made the most of her Membership

  • Monkey Hill is cool

  • Intense map readers

  • Good Weather and a Good Time Together

Braud Homecoming

With Allison's Homecoming this weekend all of the Braud Grandchildren were able to play together. It was super fun, and a little loud from time to time. We can't wait until our next big playdate. Hopefully, next time we will have Jeremy Jr. playing, too!

The "Little Kids" all went to the Homecoming Dance Saturday night and were looking pretty great. It was so much fun to see them all dressed up.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night Date Night

Friday Night is Dart Night for the Braud Bunch. (So are many Mondays....and any other time really.) The kids get a few hours of full speed fun. Ashley and I get a heavy dose of adult conversation, even if it is mostly about the kids. Plus she makes the best salads ever.

All of these kids are missing their Navy Seabee Dentist Daddies far away, and so are their Mommies. Hopfully date nights will help make the time pass more quickly.

Cars the Movie, again.

Jacob wanted a picture of Lightning and Mac this morning. I convinced him that he should be in the picture, instead of taking it.

Biker Babe

Dee Dee, we might have another Powerwheels lover on our hands. Jacob and Jill love to play outside when it is cool in the mornings. Somehow they always end up stripped down to their diapers. He loves giving her rides. When Jacob is in a very-sharing mood, Jill gets to "ride" the motorcycle alone.

OSHS Homecoming Parade

Thursday afternoon we attended the Ocean Springs Homecoming Parade. Cece was so excited. Her favorite things were the firedog, which she had seen at school that day, her teachers, Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Campbell, and catching plastic footballs. At first I thought I was insane for taking all the kids to an event that involved such close proximity to moving vehicles -- by myself. After the first float though, Jakey started snacking on candy in the stroller, Jill like all the activity, and Cece and I got to enjoy the parade. I think Cece is a "Bead-Hound." We even saw some friends from the Sprayground!

Green Ramone

As you can see, Jacob was not interested in talking about his new Ramone car. He was more interested in "Opening It" (and also picking his nose.) We are Cars the Movie Crazy here lately!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

King Cake...Mmmmm

We were lucky to get a Halloween treat when Maw Maw Gina came over this weekend. She made an Orange and Black King Cake complete with a ghost and pumpkin inside. This is probably the first time Jacob remembers eating King Cake. I don't think he'll forget though. He seems to like it just like his da-da, with extra cinamon. Thanks to everyone who has remembered us with Halloween cards and gifts. I am running about a Holiday behind it feels like, but the kids have loved the mail and the treats.

Halloween is Coming

Cece keeps begging to put up more decorations so we started in the kitchen. I figure I can pretty much skip Halloween stuff if I can put out enought Fall stuff. That way I won't have to take it down as fast!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full Moon

Cece was so excited to see this full moon this weekend. She explained to me all about the stages of the moon and how it takes one month to make one. Thanks John B. Dey!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dart-ing after Lizards

Luke found this lizard and the boys played with it for quite a while. Jacob has been running from lizards on the back step, but I think that is over. The girls wanted nothing to do with this fun.

More Cruisin'

Jill did some Cruisin' of her own when we got home. I can't wait until she gets the hang of walking. She seems to fall as much as she walks.

After our first trip to Cruisin' the Coast on Thursday, we went back on Friday to see Herbie the Love Bug. After, we enjoyed Snoballs with Jacob's buddie Daniel at the downtown Caboose.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How Big

How big is this little girl? A few weeks shy of a year and she is getting on and off this tiger all by her self.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Beg, Borrow, Steal

This is how I am trying to furnish this big old house. Thanks to the Furniture Ferry and her elves for delivering these homeless sofa to our house. Though we are not legally adopting them, we hope to make a good foster home. I am accepting suggestions on furniture placement in this and any other room.

Baby Gator

We made a visit recently to the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge with some other Navy Wives and kids. It was fun to see a snake and this real baby Aligator when we arrived. The kids had a great time running down the trail. My kids took a great nap after.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cruisin' the Coast

I brought Jill and Jacob on a little walk Downtown today, and was happy to stumble onto Cruisin' the Coast. I am not an old car junkie, but Jacob just couldn't get enough. It was a beautiful cool morning and the streets were not crowded yet. Many of the stores on the Avenue had great sale racks out and the Baptist Church was giving the kids treats. It was nice to have the oppertunity to look around downtown finally. Fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Ham

Every month I try to get a picture of Jill sitting in her little chair. I figure it will make a cute scrapbook page one day. I usually get something like this instead. Still cute!


Imagine my surprise to walk in on Jacob giving himself a bath in this sink last week. Good thing for sturdy construction.

Friday, October 3, 2008