Monday, June 13, 2011


This is Jill's Brinton Friend Forever: Aubrey. They are real princesses, right down to the gowns. Aubrey's is especially fabulous and was made by her talented mother. Jill's is a hand-me-down, but she doesn't know any better!

They are sweet play friends who also like to get a little crazy sometimes! They (and their respective moms) are going to have to play their hearts out in the next 12 months, because the Brinton's will be leaving Philadelphia a year before us.


Malesa said...

Maybe Jill will fit into our suitcases when we move. We would just pack the whole family up, but Martin would probably noticed that something was missing when he'd get home from work. We loved having Jill over today. Your family is so lovely, I will bawl when it is time to leave you guys.

Sally said...

Martin might not notice cause sometimes he gets home really late and might just figure we are all sleeping :)

Lisa said...

Sally, you are taking some wonderful photos of the kids. Like you said, your models are what make the shots work. They are all so precious and beautiful.