Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cecilia Claire

Cece gets more mature everyday. This is a picture of her with her Reading Fair Project. She did Make Way for Ducklings, and included her pictures from the Boston Public Garden. These were taken on a trip to visit Jason when she was four.

She is so good with Jacob and Jill. She is a great big sister. She also went to her first birthday party at the Skating Rink today. She said afterwards that it felt like an Aligator had been chewing on her elbow. (She fell quite a lot and did stomp style beginner skating.)

Thanks for the cute hat and scarf Dee Dee, and for all of ya'll help last week. (Life Savers!)

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Martin said...

I love those skating b-day parties. Did she do the 'congo trio', 'limbo', 'couple skate', or backwards skating? How did she do on the project? Did you tell them that you cannot feed the ducks there?

Cece, you look great.