Saturday, November 8, 2008

Game Day

Thanks to the generosity of others I was able to enjoy the entire Game Day experience Saturday. My dad and I started at the ESPN Broadcast. There were some pretty clever signs out there. We moved on and eventually found Christopher, Micheal, and Sara off of Nicholson. Later we went by the Ardion Tent for some fabulous Gumbo, Boudin and Beverages. Also comfy chairs and shade. Thanks to Kevin and Kurt for their hospitality. Thanks also for a whole season of answering my silly girl football questions. Don't worry, Martin will take back over next season. We left the tent just in time to see the cheerleaders, Mike VI and the band march down the hill. We then settled into the stadium for Frozen Lemonade and warm-ups. The first haf was fun. The second half was not. (Shame on you Les.) But overall it was a great game day.

I always hate to leave the kids, but they didn't seem to mind. Jacob went to Rusty's camp with Gina and the Buras's. My good friends Dana and Rod took Cece and there son Luke to Global Wildlife. Jill enjoyed all of Dee Dee's attention. Special thanks to everyone who made this a great day for us all.

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