Thursday, October 16, 2008

King Cake...Mmmmm

We were lucky to get a Halloween treat when Maw Maw Gina came over this weekend. She made an Orange and Black King Cake complete with a ghost and pumpkin inside. This is probably the first time Jacob remembers eating King Cake. I don't think he'll forget though. He seems to like it just like his da-da, with extra cinamon. Thanks to everyone who has remembered us with Halloween cards and gifts. I am running about a Holiday behind it feels like, but the kids have loved the mail and the treats.


Ashley Dart said...

this is the most hilarious video I have ever seen. I think he liked it! Martin must be laughing out loud. I will have to say, that king cake was mighty good and I probably looked like that too. See ya tomorrow!

Martin said...

Was Jill eating cake also in the background? I don't think Jacob would have been happy if you took that piece away from him.